Ethics and visibility

Business Funding Portal is committed to responsible lending coupled with clear and comprehensible information.

We therefore undertake:

  • To provide full quotations on request.
  • To address all queries openly and in plain English.
  • To provide every opportunity for you to seek professional advice & opinion on any offer made.
  • To suggest alternatives where appropriate.

In order to provide the best possible advice and options, we ask prospective clients to provide:

  • Up to date & accurate financial information.
  • To be open and honest regarding business circumstances & prospects.
  • To advise any current discussions with brokers or lenders on the same transaction.

We are always receptive to calls to discuss our process.

As independent brokers we receive fees from the lenders on deals we place. We won’t ask you for any fees on these transactions.

If you require consultancy only, please ask us for rates.