Start Up


The customer had left the world of banking and aimed to purchase an established chip shop.

Tired & run-down as it was, it was well located in a busy student area and the customer was sufficiently astute to see its potential.

His former employer had been good enough to lend him the premium & purchase cost, however they drew the line at financing the new equipment which was central to his plan.

With a solid plan and a clear way forward we were able to provide lease funding for an entire new range, an EPOS system and furniture for sit down customers.

A Classic case of Funding Portal working in harmony with a bank!


The customer – referred by their accountant – had decided to take the plunge and become self-employed as an electrician.

He started well with good contracts and a reasonable amount of work – but no cash.

As he was on site, payment terms were in theory 30 days, but these were seldom met.

He ¬†also desperately needed a van having previously had use of his employers. The dealers and mainstream sources said ‘sorry, no – start up‘. Additionally, the bank said something similar to factoring – ‘contruction – IR35 – no thanks‘.

Fortunately, being used to these situations we were able to fund a recent used van to get him mobile.

Additionally we put an invoice finance facility in place with a funder who fully understands construction & IR35.

Start ups will never be easy, but we like to find a way!