Cashflow Consultants

Cashflow is the lifeblood of business – let us help you to master it!

As Cashflow consultants our goal is simple – to help you take control of your cashflow – permanently.

We aren’t accountants and we don’t revolve our lives around spreadsheets or letters – our cashflow consultancy is all about the real world and putting your cash where it belongs – in your bank!

  1. The cash behind your sofa: Every business has one or more ‘sofas’ where cash can disappear. We will help you to identify your sofas and to release the hidden cash.
  2. The culture of cashflow: Good cashflow isn’t a job, nor a stand-alone function¬†which can be outsourced, it is a discipline which should be embedded in all facets of your business process – we will help you to gain a competitive edge with cashflow excellence.
  3. Forecasting – Fact not fiction: Lets face it, the vast majority of cashflow projections are little more than nice numbers in a spreadsheet. We will help you to address the challenging questions which will turn your projections into a valuable business planning tool, not a masterpiece of fiction!

 Call Mark on 07932 075 754, or email him.

NOTE: Consultancy is charged on a day-rate basis payable on delivery.