If Carlsberg did invoice finance

If Carlsberg did invoice finance…

Well, according to their adverts, it would probably be the best invoice finance in the world, so presumably they would start with some market research.

Our results suggest that they would be met with 2 overwhelming reservations from those contemplating facilities:

SOCIAL:  The fear the reaction of customers on seeing that you have moved to invoice finance.

Despite all evidence and experience, the perception remains that disclosed factoring damages customer relations and suggests that you are in difficulty, (After all, your client have no idea whether you have an overdraft or business loan).
COST: In most cases the headline cost is not the issue, the fears lie in secondary costs such as set-up fees, minimum charges and exit fees.
Based on these results, I’m guessing that Carlsberg would come up with a product that looked something like this:
  • No set-up fees.
  • No Minimum charges.
  • Totally discreet invoice funding (ie your client knows nothing about it)
  • Direct access to a decision maker.
  • No exit fees or termination period.
  • Free beer.
  • Go-Go dancers
Unfortunately Carlsberg aren’t in the finance industry.
And we aren’t in the leisure industry so Go-Go dancers are out (though we are happy to buy customers a beer).
Other than that – this facility exists for small businesses, irrespective of turnover!